A special note of gratitude to Monica Karales, widow of James Karales and Exectrix of the estate, for her patience to sift through thousands of photographs and archives to advance scholarship on James Karales and the Civil Rights movement. Monica has helped to develop my eye, as well as to improve my curatorial skills while extending encouragement and support. Her attention to detail and her knowledge of the James Karales collection at large is a great gift to the gallery and beyond. Most importantly, Monica's daily visits to the gallery have been a good, positive source of energy, and I am thankful for her friendship.

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  1. Monica was one of the first people I met in Croton hen we moved there in 1990. She used to style her hair while riding her bike enroute to her daily commute on the Metro North Train. On our 1st or second day here she issued the warmest greeting while flying by on her bike.... "You're gonna love it here" Well, we do love Croton and Monica "Demetri"too.
    Please give her a hug from Ken and Gwen!